Six Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Learning Spanish

I have compiled a list of six mistakes that you should guard against while learning Spanish.

  1. Trying to Translate: Don’t do that! Please! Remember, trying to translate words in your native language will hinder the flow of language. Avoid that in any case. Now, you may think — “How would I understand if I don’t translate it into my native language?”, well, don’t worry about that. Our minds have that flexibility to understand the language — just like how we learned our native language in our childhood.
  2. Subtitles: This stops your learning. Try to watch your shows without subtitle, and try to imitate the voice. This would tighten your grip on the language. So, next time you watch Spanish Movies, do it without subtitles.
  3. Procrastinating Speaking: Don’t procrastinate the speaking part. Do it, right from day #1. I have covered this part extensively in this post about Spanish Learning. The more you speak, more confident you’ll become with Spanish.
  4. Giving up: Hell No! even if you have invested 10 hours in Learning Spanish, there is every reason that you should keep pursuing the goal until you finish. Don’t settle for anything less than mastery. It is going to be tough, but you got to continue and motivate yourself to keep learning. Giving up is not an option.
  5. Going slow on Accent: Forget your native ways of speaking – please! This wouldn’t take you far with Spanish. It is important to learn Spanish accent for a total mastery. Spanish is very logical and straightforward with pronunciation. If you learn Spanish accent well, then it would make your Spanish Learning easy.
  6. Not Testing knowledge: Even in the last post on Spanish studies, I have mentioned as to why it is important to test your knowledge. Do that, all the times, and only then you would have a correct assessment of your Spanish Speaking Ability.

With that said, don’t wait, and commit yourself to learn Spanish for a more rewarding and enriched life.

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