Google: Fighting Dark Forces of Blackhat & Weak Links of Discovery – Part 2

Last week, I wrote about how Google is penalizing the apps that crash, or results in over 1{f5ea2038a4b880f335334dfff88b50aec469abded8ad52b137b4eb824479fac2} ANR (App No Response).

After writing the last post, we fixed the patch and saw our numbers picking up. We gained 50{f5ea2038a4b880f335334dfff88b50aec469abded8ad52b137b4eb824479fac2} more downloads.

If you look at the graph from the holder symbol, which was on the 19th, the downloads have steadily picked up.

Fixing Crashes Get Better Ranking

Now, if you see the graph, we had put in two updates, and so far, not all users have upgraded to the new version – so, the old problem is still holding up our recovery.

As I write this, the total current version penetration was around 19{f5ea2038a4b880f335334dfff88b50aec469abded8ad52b137b4eb824479fac2}), but still it helped us get 50{f5ea2038a4b880f335334dfff88b50aec469abded8ad52b137b4eb824479fac2} more downloads.

This proves beyond any doubt how serious Google is about quality. In order to conduct this experiment, we kept every other factor constant so that we could measure the impact of ANR.

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