Good Friday Status, Messages and Quotes – 2016 Holy Week

Finally, the Good Friday is here. This day reminds us of the sacrifices made by Lord Jesus Christ. Over two thousand years ago on this Friday, Jesus was crucified.

Due to this, Christians around the world observe this day as the day of sacrifice. This precedes Easter Sunday – also called as the resurrection day. Since the week collectively holds a great significance, it is collectively called as Holy Week.

Owing to cultural differences, Holy Friday is observed in a variety of ways. For instance, in Britain, people eat Hot Cross Buns, while in some other countries, people abstain from eating and drinking – as long as their health permits — to show their unwavering devotion to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Also, there is a provision for Friday service, that brings communities together.

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The Friday date for this date of remembrance falls is calculated differently in Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity. However, the latter — and most of the Christian communities around the world choose Georgian calendar — the mechanism used by western Christianity.

Good Friday Holiday is observed nationwide in numerous countries around the world. However, in some countries like the United States, it is the state’s or the community’s prerogative to declare or observe the holiday.

Here are some Good Friday messages, status and Quotes compiled to proliferate the message of sacrifice amongst masses. These are available for free sharing.

Good Friday Quotes 

If Christ is God, He cannot sin, and if suffering was a sin in and by itself, He could not have suffered and died for us. However, since He took the most horrific death to redeem us, He showed us in fact that suffering and pain have great power.― E.A. Bucchianeri

So shall we join the disciples of our Lord, keeping faith in Him in spite of the crucifixion, and making ready, by our loyalty to Him in the days of His darkness, for the time when we shall enter into His triumph in the days of His light. – Phillips Brooks

Stoning prophets and erecting churches to their memory afterwards has been the way of the world through the ages. Today we worship Christ, but the Christ in the flesh we crucified. – Mahatma Gandhi.

Good Friday is not about us trying to “get right with God.” It is about us entering the difference between God and humanity and just touching it for a moment. — Nadia Bolz-Weber

In this sublime hour, therefore, He calls all His children to the pulpit of the Cross, and every word He says to them is set down for the purpose of an eternal publication and an undying consolation. ― Fulton J. Sheen

I believe in God – not in a Catholic God; there is no Catholic God. There is God, and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation. Jesus is my teacher and my pastor, but God, the Father, Abba, is the light and the Creator. This is my Being. — Pope Francis

‘You are no saint,’ says the devil. Well, if I am not, I am a sinner, and Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. Sink or swim, I go to Him; other hope, I have none. — Charles Spurgeon

The day we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior is one of the greatest days of our lives. Not only are our sins washed away, but God puts His Spirit inside of us and gives us new desires. — Joyce Meyer

Good Friday Messages

  1. For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.
  2. “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.”
  3. God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
  4. Let us never forget the great sacrifice, and work hard to alleviate mankind — spread love and compassion.
  5. Great sacrifices always leave a memory behind — We will never forget the one of our beloved Christ.
  6. In ages, there comes a real savior who turned the world upside down — We got one two thousand years ago, and his sacrifice will continue to inspire us.
  7. To our savior — We will never forget you, you shall continue to live in our heart and minds. We love you — our lord.
  8. Peace over might, and love over hate: This is the supreme message of our savior, Jesus Christ.
  9. We ought to be inspired by his valor, courage, and spirit of sacrifice. Thank you, Jesus for showing real path to humanity.
  10. We will hold the flag of love, equality, and compassion in our hearts.

Good Friday WhatsApp Status

  1. Praise the lord — For his supreme sacrifice.
  2. God sent us our best — for the message of love.
  3. Observing the day of penance, sacrifice and supreme love.
  4. For the love of our savior — Our lord, Jesus Christ.
  5. You gave us so much lord, your sacrifice is immortal.
  6. At service — For the love of lord.
  7. Remembering our compassionate lord — The day of supreme sacrifice.
  8. Will never forget what our lord did for us — All for our love.
  9. His sacrifice tells us — God Loves us.
  10. God loves us — For he sent his son to give us supreme message of life

Although we believe that we’ve compiled the best good Friday quotes, if you think that you have some nice quote in mind, feel free to comment, we would do our best to include it in our comments as soon as we can.

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