Special Funny Messages on Mother’s Day

2nd Sunday of every May is Mother’s day. I have compiled some serious Quotes, Messages, And Status on Mothers Day, but if you are looking for something hilarious, then read on. This is intended to be funny and does not have any serious statements etc.
  1. Celebrating Mothers Day in Kenya, looking forward to building a wall in Nairobi near Obama’s birth place— WhatsApp Status of Donald Trump on Mothers Day.
  2. I admire Donald’s Mother, she bore one of the most troubles for months. I will recommend her for presidential medal of freedom. — Barack Obama on Mother’s day.
  3. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama was busy watching re-run of the Bollywood Movie Airlift – along with her daughters. According to Box Office reports, Mrs Obama was the only human on planet earth to have dared to watch the movie twice.
  4. I have learned honesty, integrity, and public service from my mother. I dedicate this day to her. — Said Shri Rahul Gandhi on Mothers day. Meanwhile, some congress workers were spotted laughing. Manish Tewari has promised a swift and corrective action against them.
  5. Modi got onto Radio Stations and wished everyone (Including Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s mother) a Happy Mothers Day; when our channel unreal times now approach Owaisi for comment, he said — I won’t say Happy Mothers day even if someone puts a knife on my throat.
  6. ISI was reportedly upset about Modi wishing Happy Mother’s day to Nawaz Sharif’s mom, and has asked Prime Minister Sharif to report immediately to Rawalpindi.
  7. Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal filed an RTI, seeking a clarification — did Modi used landline or mobile phone to call Nawaz Sharif’s Mother. When tribunal refused to answer that, he lamented the excessive control of Modi regime over RTI officers.
  8. Kim Jong-Un wished the best to all North Korean people on Mothers day on behalf of Socialist, Democratic, Republic government of North Korea.
  9. Some republicans sent Mothers day greeting cards to Hillary Clinton with a photograph of Monica Lewinsky on it. Clinton was apparently upset and told media that real estate mogul Donald Trump was behind this — a charge that Mr Trump refuted.
  10. Robert Mugabe wished all Zimbabweans mother day by launching mother of all notes – ZAD $1 quintillion note. This denomination would enable people to buy 12 bananas at one go.

If you think that you can add something more, then feel free to drop a comment. And yes, Happy Mothers day to everyone.