Buy Android Reviews – Ultimate Guide on ASO

Buy Android Reviews – Everything That You Need to Know Deciding if and all you want to buy reviews on Android can be difficult. Recently Google has introduced many barriers to incentivized installs and review activities, so in this case, one may wonder, is this relevant? Well, for all practical purposes – it is.

  1. Why Google Reviews Are Deleted
  2. Our Full-Proof Method Against Deletion
  3. Our AI that fights Android review deletion.
  4. Is buying Reviews Safe – How our website makes app reviews safe.
  5. Guide to Buying Android Reviews & Installs – A Quick Checklist

  Ever since the inception of Android, app developers relentless paid for the reviews – in order to get a better PR, or in hopes of getting more installs. And after repetitively cautioning the developers from desisting from the same, Google started taking matters to its own. In October 2016, Google announced that it was taking strict measures to keep playstore safe. And ever since then it followed up with the real threat of penalizing the app developers who used to buy reviews from websites.
Android app store review guidelines are quite simple – You must not attempt to influence the user into writing a review – be it in terms of a reward, threatening disruption of service or otherwise, and Google came down very hard on developers who paid to write reviews. Interestingly, many people relentlessly tried to find how to buy review on google play – and almost all the site were clogged with a huge problem – review deletion.

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  1. Why Google Play Reviews Are Deleted – And Limitation of Google’s AI
    First things first – Google does not manually review the comment unless they are flagged by the developer or there is an unusual event that causes it. Many developers who were once targeted by their competitors never figured out how to get rid of bad reviews, and that sadly had to wait for days for Google to complete its evaluation.

Now, this mechanism wasn’t perfect and based on the numerous tests that we’ve conducted, we’ve come to the conclusion that this is something to do with the unusual spike in a number of reviews – along with a certain pattern. But does that mean that you can’t pay for positive reviews? Well-No! Some companies are smart enough to have figured out a way around it. Applytics, for instance, deploys an AI to understand the deletion and then counters it with drip feed posting. So, the answer to the question – can you buy reviews? Is an emphatic yes. Now, this works in both the ways, it always enables Google to remove negative reviews on the apps that are unfairly targeted by their rivals. Now, Google’s AI isn’t perfect; therefore, while it can remove bad reviews with good accuracy, it is far from perfect. Sure, it is getting better every day.

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  1. Buy App Reviews With Ease – Full Proof Method Against Deletion
    If you are planning to buy Google play app reviews on sites like Applytics, we have a multi-tier strategy to counter the deletion. Sure, Google can remove reviews – to an extent of 20{f5ea2038a4b880f335334dfff88b50aec469abded8ad52b137b4eb824479fac2}, but then, it is definitely going to help you retain 80{f5ea2038a4b880f335334dfff88b50aec469abded8ad52b137b4eb824479fac2} of them – which isn’t that bad. Now, there is another site, that gives it a tough competition, and claims that it works well for users who buy app reviews, but nothing can be said very conclusively about the same.

With good android review provider, when you pay for good reviews, we ensure that you get the same number at the time of completion, and cover the same with 2 weeks of no-deletion guarantee. Here are some steps that we follow:

    1. Signal Building – This is essential for post paid reviews, without a reasonable signal building, Google will keep deleting bad reviews. The process is similar when you buy reviews for the app store. But then App Store requires a lot less number of signal posting compared to PlayStore. Depending on apps, it can take us 48 hours to 7 days to complete the process from the time you buy reviews online.
    2. Google Play Downloads by Real Users– We have many users who get paid to write reviews. So, we ask our real users to download the app first, and then keep the app in their devices for a certain point of time. During this, our real users would use the app – even though they just get paid to do reviews, they are usually inclined to using the app.
    3. Android App Store Review Posting: After the users have confirmed that they have kept the app in their devices, we pay them to write positive reviews. In case if the user does not like the app, then we just ask them not to review it, and still offer the payout. Whenever you buy positive reviews, we take charge of the entire campaign. Out google playstore review process is quite complicated, and some of it is classified; therefore, without being able to give our specifics, all we can say is that it is well optimized to handle any review challenge on any app.
  1. Our AI that fights Android Review Deletion – If you wonder what is the best response to a machine generated algorithm, then one can safely say that it is cracking the AI pattern. This is exactly what major review providers do.

So many people wonder why Android reviews are deleted, and all I say them is that, if you have a machine that intelligently looks up everything, then intelligently posts the content then that would make it possible to ensure that Android reviews are not deleted. While optimizing AI is quite complicated, this one step is quite possible and holds the most important significance of the entire review posting model. If you ever work with any App Store Optimization Agency, you would discover that they essentially leverage it to get you better results, the same holds good in almost every profession. By intelligently deploying AI, it is possible to make sure that the reviews are not deleted. But the crux lies in keep testing until you find a way to ensure that the reviews are not deleted.

  1. Is buying Reviews Safe – How our website makes app reviews safe

Well, this is the most complicated part. If you really see it from Google’s perspective, it is not legal to buy fake reviews. And that is so important to set up a good relationship with your users, but what if you let many of your users evaluate the app and just get the android app reviews from the users that really like using the app? Well, that is one model that companies like Applytics and iAppreviews follow. This really makes Buying Android Reviews safe. If you optimize every aspect of the site, then soon enough you would be able to ensure full protection of the app from any punitive measure. Again, Google is unlikely to penalize the app unless they have compelling evidence that it was the developer who deliberately paid for android reviews. And until you are on the side, you are safe. A lot has been said over a period of years about the practice of purchasing reviews on Android, but the fact is that it is not easy to rank apps unless you are able to do some tweaks. Sure, no one endorses gray hat ASO methods, but the fact is that they exist, and one must use it intelligently to their advantage.

  1. Buying Android Reviews & Installs – A Quick Checklist

So, now that you have decided to buy Android installs and reviews, here are some important things that you need to know.

  1. Always ask for real installs – if in doubt, ask the agency how it ensures that Android installs and reviews are real, and if possible use a service like AppsFlyer to integrate the SDK – in order to track the installs. This holds good for both Apple and iOS installs.
  2. Device Integrity – Why this is important: A lot of people ask – why is this one single thing so important. Well, the answer is that one can manipulate installs and reviews in absence of device integrity. So, it is possible to post many installs from a rooted device – avoid it like plague.
  3. Panel to track installs and reviews of Android app – Although this is not very important, having access to a panel for tracking installs always help. This enables you to track installs and reviews. Off lately, many review providers have favored custom reporting to panels as dynamic posting is essential to fight against deletion.
  4. Support – Essential, this one thing is absolutely important. Unless you get a quick and comprehensive support, it is impossible for you – or for anyone – to deal with even the best Android install or review provider. Always prefer a company that has complete contact information. This includes, phones, email and chat support.
  5. Don’t fall for reviews – One gray area in choosing the best review provider is that, a good review provider will never name their clients, this is to protect them, as they provide paid reviews as service. Hence it is imperative that you try out the service – first at a small scale – and then at a larger scale to make out your own judgment about the service. It is important to ask your friends who are in the same industry, but their views on Android Review Sites may not be very accurate.